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"Coach, Strategist, Impact Presenter"

(Learn from mistakes, and  how to avoid them)


I gather intelligence and evaluate operational assets in order to expose blind spots and lead proactive mitigation strategies towards the entry, ignition and infiltration points necessary for creating, developing and sustaining a unique sector of any given market. Personally or professionally we are all selling something - especially ourselves.

- I may not have all the answers, but I most certainly will provoke thought.

Guy (noun): guide, leader


 "Greatness is forged, not fabricated"

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This is merely a landing page. A gateway to greater things. Sustainable personal and professional change.  In order to fully understand the breadth of Guy’s journey and experience, you need to be exposed to the man himself.


Whether via email, conference or live speaking and presentation engagements the only way to truly understand Guy’s heart and passion is by direct exposure. Have Guy out to a team meeting, workshop or organizational event. Guy’s main mission is to impact and redirect those who think that they can’t; to embrace that they actually CAN, and eventually DO!  Ultimately to; Transform Intention to Action.

Guy is currently the CEO of and Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning LLC, sits on the Board of Directors for Tsunami Bar Sports LLC, and is the project vetting specialist for Strategic Operating, Consulting Advising & Management LLC (SOCAM).


Guy Massi's

Newest Book

We Are gods!

 Please click below to enjoy a sample from Guy's book "We are gods!

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"People come in and out of our lives. It’s a natural process through serendipity, happenstance, social media. Guy Massi came back into my life after a 30-year hiatus. His compassion, insightfulness, and ability to motivate make me thankful that we reconnected. “We are gods” is a great distillation of Guy, his philosophy on life, mentoring, coaching, and simply helping people. “We are gods” at its essence is about helping people…help other people. By authoring this book, Guy is passing the knowledge from his life’s journey to help the next generation of “primary influencers.” It’s a truly motivating read that makes you want to become a better person."

Kevin Wassong;

Emmy Award Winner, Founder/Managing Partner - INTEG:Advisors  

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